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Capture the timeless beauty of rammed earth living.  Used by the ancients many thousands of years ago rammed earth continues to live up to its reputation through the centuries as one of the world's most environmentally sustainable building materials.  The high thermal mass of rammed earth makes it one of the most thermally efficient construction methods in many climate zones. (when combined with correct solar-passive design principles)

Located in the Perth Hills of Western Australia, Rammed Earth Living is an environmental building design studio and now also has a project estimator and construction project manager, specialising in solar passive and sustainable homes and the use of rammed earth.  Owner-builders if you wish, you can now partner with our experienced project manager for estimating and full construction project management services, taking away the owner-builder hassles, it's just like having your very own building company!

We feature the use of rammed earth both on its own and in combination with other environmentally sustainable materials to design creative and stunning solar-passive energy-efficient rammed earth homes.

Each of our rammed earth homes is designed with solar passive and feng shui design principles in mind.  We assess your building site and take all environmental factors into consideration when designing your home.  This allows us to create a home which will not only look sensational, but is completely in harmony with the energy of your building site and the home's surroundings. 

We will soon have our range of standard designs fully priced for construction from start to finish.  Of course if you have your plans already drawn by others you can bring them to us for a complete estimating service, and quote for construction project management.

We are passionate about the use of rammed earth in creating your ideal sustainable, energy efficient solar-passive home, no project is too large or too small - we just love rammed earth!

Rammed Earth Living - rammed earth building designer - and now also rammed earth specialist project estimator and construction project manager - helping you to create your beautiful environmentally-friendly sustainable rammed earth home.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to easily achieve your rammed earth dream!

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