Why Choose Timber Framing?


There are many good reasons why arsenic-free treated timber framing is the best choice to complement your sustainable rammed earth home:

Sustainable & Renewable Resource

Timber provides the only renewable house framing material and is sourced from sustainably managed Australian plantations.  Timber framing produces much less greenhouse gas emissions during processing than other framing materials.

Source: http://watimberframing.net.au/

"Forests and wood products can effectively reduce the process of climate change in several ways.

Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon so efficiently that about half the dry weight of a tree is carbon. This carbon remains locked up in the wood even when we use it for building products or furniture.

Using wood instead of other materials can be an advantage too. The production of wood products uses less energy (usually sourced from finite fossil fuels) compared with some other building materials.

As a fuel, sustainably grown and harvested wood (and other biomass) provides a renewable alternative to fossil fuels."

Source: http://www.naturallybetter.com.au

Higher Fire Resistance

Timber framing will actually give the occupants time to vacate a burning building while steel framing can melt in a matter of minutes giving the occupants much less chance of escaping.

"Contrary to many people’s expectations, timber used in construction performs well in fire. It will not flake, spall, melt, buckle or explode. Timber burns steadily at a predictable rate. In the charring process charcoal is formed on the surface of the timber, which serves to insulate and protect the core.

It is possible therefore to make precise calculations of the dimensions that structural timbers need to be, in order to meet the UK’s stringent fire and safety regulations. What you can measure, you can manage. This also explains statements from fire fighters who prefer to enter a burning building made out of timber, because they have learned to estimate how long they can safely remain in the building."

Source: http://www.westructure.co.uk/fire.htm

Superior Strength

Timber framed construction is suitable for use anywhere in Australia and is supported by Australian Standards for design and construction. Timber construction is tough and with properly designed connections, tie-downs and other detailing, can even be used in cyclonic areas of Australia. It can also be used near the ocean where timber’s natural resistance to the elements makes it the material to use. In Europe and Japan properly designed and maintained timber structures have lasted for centuries in uses such housing, bridges and temples.

Source: http://watimberframing.net.au/

Termite Free

Arsenic-free treatment options now available which make the framing safe from termite attack


Reduced EMF's - timber does not transmit or amplify EMF's making it a safer option for your framing.

Energy Efficient

Timber framing does not absorb or radiate heat, making your home cooler in summer than other framing materials.  Your energy use will be considerably less when you choose timber framing.

Ease of Construction

Timber framing is by far the easiest construction material to build Australian homes. It has high strength for its weight and can be easily nailed together to produce modern award winning forms. Further, timber construction can be easily extended in the future using readily available tools and timber is always available at your local merchant.


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